2014 Australian solidarity tour to Venezuela

December 2 - 13, 2014AVSN-brigade-Dec-2014

Registrations are now open for the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s next solidarity tour to revolutionary Venezuela.

The tour, to run from Tuesday December 2nd to Saturday December 13th (inclusive) - will be a unique an opportunity to observe first-hand, learn about and be inspired by a grassroots movement that is transforming not only Venezuela, but all of Latin America, and is challenging the greed and destructiveness of global capitalism by showing that a better world is possible.
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Correo del Orinoco – English Edition

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Workers Take Over Factories After US Firm Abandons Production

Paul Dobson

Caracas- Oct22, 2014

The 780 Venezuelan workers of Clorox Company- a US cleaning products firm- staged a workers takeover of the company’s assets after the owners abandoned production in Venezuela and fled to the USA, causing a mass, sudden lay off of their entire workforce and an illegal closure. Workers, with State support, promised to reactivate and expand production.

“The owners of Clorox abandoned the country, their functions and legal responsibilities” stated President Maduro. “We won’t abandon any worker… Socialist formula: abandoned firm, firm taken by the working class”.

Vice-President Jorge Arreaza, at an inspection of the factories with the workers assemblies, explained that “this factory was abandoned, a bosses walkout, violating the rights of their workers and collaborating with the economic war by leaving the People without cleaning products… now it has been liberated by its workers”.

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Watch “Venezuela: La revolucion continua” on YouTube

Venezuela: La revolucion continua: http://youtu.be/_K47eIE7mk4

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Venzuelas impact on Latin America by Tim Anderson



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Venezuela - the revolution continues – la revolución continúa (Sydney)

Feature discussions will include Ideology of Bolivarian revolution, Social and economic achievements, Truth and media lies of revolution, Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas.

Las discusiones incluirán ideología de la revolución bolivariana, Logros económicos y sociales de la revolucion, la verdad y mentiras de los medios de comunicacion, la Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas

9am – 6pm, Mon October 6 (Labour Day holiday)

Redfern Town Hall 73 Pitt Street, Redfern

An event organised by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in conjunction with: Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network, Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, Bolivarian Circle, Chile Solidarity Committee, Committee for Human Rights in Guatemala, Communist Party of Australia, Green Left Weekly, Grupo Ibiray – Fondo Raul Sendic, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front Committee (Sydney), Latin America Social Forum, Maritime Union of Australia, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, United for Colombia,

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Venezuela: Maduro announces ‘five revolutions’, new council to push food production

In a speech to the nation on September 2, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced “five revolutions”, as part of a campaign to “improve our service to the people”, Venezuela Analysis said on September 3.

Maduro said the revolutions would be a “a new way of functioning” for the government. The five revolutions “should be united, and should define the government policies, giving power to the people, it will be the people who push government policy”.

The first revolution outlined was the economic revolution, promoting production “to guarantee stability”. Maduro said: “All the efforts of the government should be concentrated on this.”

The second revolution was the knowledge revolution, involving science, technology and culture.

Maduro said the third was revolution centred on Venezuela’s pro-poor social missions, that organise communities to solve their problems. Maduro emphasised the missions’ importance in “building socialism, creating the new society, where social rights and life are guaranteed”.
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Acto Clausura Congreso de la Juventud del PSUV (12 SEP 2014)

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