Permanent Council of the Organization of American States: We reject Luis Almagro’s call to invoke the Democratic Charter against Venezuela!

Your Excellency Ambassador PATRICK ANDREWS

Chairman of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States.-

We, the undersigned of this communication, all democrat citizens, lovers of peace, social activists and convinced human rights defenders, respectfully hereby address to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States that you chair to alert its members about the vicious intention attempting to talk them over that in Venezuela there is a rupture of the constitutional order, a humanitarian crisis, or any extreme situation that could mislead them to improperly apply the Inter-American Democratic Charter and create conditions to propitiate an armed intervention by the United States, a country that for long has been applying unilateral coercive measures, prohibited under the international law and under the Charter of this Organization.

Most of the Member States of the Organization, represented at this Council, have diplomatic representations in Venezuela, and therefore, they are fully aware that the pretension to sanction our country has no grounds. No deception is possible.

The Venezuelan people decided 18 years ago to undertake its own path from the perspective of participatory democracy – what we call the Bolivarian Revolution. In Venezuela, fundamental freedoms are fully exercised. We have a Government that earmarks the public resources to invest in the people and even more -and that is the reason why we elected it- that has put the people, and not the God Market, at the center of its public policies, so that it may become the protagonist of the economy.

In Venezuela we have the same problems endured by the other countries represented at the Council. The difference is that we possess enormous natural resources and we also had President Hugo Chavez, who raised the banners of socialism, sovereignty, Latin American and Caribbean union, and who vigorously heightened and practiced international solidarity, thus accomplishing the libertarian dreams of Bolivar, the Liberator.

Paradoxically, those who, from Venezuela, have been supporting interventionist ambitions against our homeland are also those who carried out a bloody coup in April 2002. Ever since, they have not changed their intolerant behavior. Instead, they have kept waging a wild Economic War against the people in Venezuela with the aid of their economic and commercial agents. In doing so, they have even managed to make huge profits for themselves. They try to lead the people to a dire situation. They are seeking an internal confrontation. They have failed to succeed because we have President Nicolás Maduro heading the Government. He has been able to face the economic war despite the declining oil prices as he adopted specific measures to ensure the people with access to food and medicines. Further, all social programs encompassed by the Missions and Great Missions which constitute the heart of the Revolution keep on working and achieving their goals.

The enemies of our Bolivarian democracy are the enemies of the National Dialogue process in Venezuela because they need to keep tensions alive as pretext to assault the legitimate power.

They persist in their obsessive pretension in spite of the fact that their coup of April 11, 2002 was fairly defeated. Even though President Hugo Chavez pardoned them, they have failed to recognize and continuously violate the will of the Venezuelan people to keep on supporting more strongly than ever before the political project that privileges the participatory and protagonistic democracy, the leading groundwork of the democratic social rule of law and justice provided under the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Their attitude has remained unchanged as they act in a suicidal, intolerant violent manner and disrespectful of the Bolivarian Constitution. Even when they have achieved what for many years they had not, that is, the chance to act as a democratic option from the National Assembly, they have failed to act democratically. On the contrary, their rage mounted. They failed to understand the message sent by the people.

The fact of the matter is that when they certainly gained sufficient electoral support to direct the National Assembly, the very day of their taking office, January 5th, 2016, they surprisingly presented a plan to oust the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, disregarding the fact that our Constitution does not grant any power whatsoever to the Legislative Branch of Government to act in such a manner against the Head of State.

They attempted to create confrontations between the Branches of Government, but our Constitution was drafted in order to maintain the stability of the State. The behavior of the antidemocratic opposition in Parliament is so erratic and inconsistent that, on the one hand they illegally decree that the President of the Republic has abandoned his office, and on the other hand they demand the Head of State to appear before the National Assembly to present his Annual Address to the Nation where he would file the annual report and accounts. This proves that they are not trustworthy.

Regrettably, the National Assembly is still held in contempt as a result of the decision of its current authorities, who have been repeatedly invited to return to the path of the Constitution.

It likewise becomes necessary to address two situations that the opposition has been manipulating.

In 2016, given the significant internal differences between the political groups making up the opposition, they failed to reach an agreement to activate a recall referendum in the proper time and in a time that were politically useful for them, that is, in the midterm, as provided for in the Constitution. Besides acting out of the proper time, they produced a significant number of signatures that were fraudulent and illegal taken from people under legal age and deceased individuals, which invalidated the long referendum process. However, the fact of the matter is that because of such reason any referendum and the hypothetical victory of the opposition would not take place before 2017. Their hypothetical victory would have not resulted in their seizing the Executive Branch of Government because had the president been recalled in that year, it would have been the Executive Vice President who would have taken office as President for the rest of the term. Likewise important is the widely known fact that the complaints about fraud and constitutional violations resulting from the collection of signatures led many citizens to create Committees of Victims of Electoral Fraud, thereby activating the judicial mechanisms to uphold their rights.

With respect to the alleged suspension of elections for governors, legislatures, mayors and councilors by the National Electoral Council, the truth is that before any electoral process, the right-wing parties making up the MUD coalition, as well as left-wing parties belonging to the Gran Polo Patriótico coalition, must comply with a legal requirement according to the 1965 Law Governing Political Parties, Public Assemblies and Demonstrations.

In accordance with the aforementioned Law, the parties failing to reach 1% of the ballots during two national elections are bound to go through a process to renew their militants’ lists with at least 0.5% of the voters register in, at least, 12 states. This is the situation of parties participating in the Gran Polo Patriótico coalition.

Likewise, under the same Law, those parties that have not used their electoral cards, signs and symbols during two national elections shall be deemed ANNULLED. This is the status of right-wing parties making up the MUD coalition. They are eliminated under that law. However, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled that they also can implement a process to renew their militants’ lists to avoid such annulment.

Despite the media campaign aimed at the international community, the National Electoral Council cannot call the regional elections as scheduled until the legal status of the parties is clarified. Only the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, and other three totally new political groups would be legally in conformity to participate in elections.

Unfortunately, the power-hungry bigoted opposition has not been able either to understand its role or take on its responsibilities as an important Branch of Government.

Mister Chairman,

Distinguished Permanent Representatives,

Dialogue has been and is the only option privileged in our homeland in times of democratic Revolution. Dialogue is endorsed by the majority of people in Venezuela, is promoted by Pope Francis, UNASUR and former Presidents Martin Torrijos from Panama, Leonel Fernandez from Dominican Republic, and Jose Luis Zapatero from Spain.

Our people defends its sovereignty. Venezuelans gave their life to build a common homeland and are determined to repeat such feat if necessary. Therefore, our people only conceives and accepts relations in the international community based on the strictest abidance by the principles of international law, among which, self-determination and sovereignty outstand.

The history of the peoples speaks for itself, and even though some try to distort, conceal and tarnish such history, it remains in the memory of generations and is unquestionably manifested in society.

In this connection, the Organization of American States has tangible evidence of our deep democratic commitment to peace and dialogue. Venezuela has demonstrated that it values peace profoundly, and has also made important efforts to preserve it in the entire region. The generous mark left by the support given to the dialogue and peace negotiations in Colombia by Commander Hugo Chavez and our current Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros is present in a myriad of forms and in all circumstances.

Our people cannot but wish and guarantee the same for itself. It raises concern, then, the new phase of the interventionist plan devised by those who intend to twist the will of the Venezuelan people.

WE REJECT and condemn that Luis Almagro, an obsessive, servile and visceral pawn of Washington -the heart of the North American power- following its public and notorious instructions intends to invoke the Inter-American Democratic Charter against our nation.

Platitudinous as it may seem, we need to state this: Luis Almagro DOES NOT represent us. We do not recognize any power he claims to speak or act on behalf of the Venezuelan people. In fact, the behavior he has openly displayed allows us to infer that he does not even have any moral, emotional or intellectual conditions to represent himself. Surprisingly, the OAS spends financial resources it does not have to make someone who intends to surrogate the powers of the Member States themselves belligerent.

The peoples of the continent surprisingly and indignantly observe such obscenity. We likewise keep in mind that the OAS General Assembly in the Dominican Republic commanded this permanent body to resolve on Luis Almagro’s deplorable behavior and his disrespect for the OAS Charter, an instruction which remains a task pending.

We, the undersigned, do not hesitate to comply with our duties. It is our task to fervently defend our nation with the unbiased truth, our arguments, our testimony and with our deep democratic convictions. WE SHALL NOT passively accept the conspiracies and interventionist fabrications of someone who should have been out of office long ago, an office which he still indignantly holds as Secretary General.

Mr. Chairman,

Permanent Representatives,

We condemn, reject and object that the OAS goes backwards, as Almagro intends, to become once again the pawn it used to be in the recent past.

It is not a secret that the former U.S Administration, led by powerful lobbyists of transnational corporations, imposed a complex framework of destabilization against the Bolivarian political model with the issuance of Barack Obama’s Executive Order whereby, with no argument or proof whatsoever, our people was deemed “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the U.S. security and foreign policy.

It was a conspiracy with a military angle as shown by General John Kelly on March 12, 2015, before the Senate Armed Services Committee of the United States Congress, and ratified by Admiral Kurt Tidd on February 16, 2016, through a presentation called Venezuela Freedom-2 Operation.

We also alert the delegations of the Member States that the new United States administration, faced with serious domestic obstacles, succumbed to such pressures and decided to ignore an electoral promise made to young U.S. citizens and to many veterans -whose number has grown in its long, illegal and illegitimate interventionist history, and who are physically, emotionally or intellectually disabled. Such promise was that this new administration would not try to impose its political model on other countries.

There is an upcoming intervention. That is why Luis Almagro, aware of its illegality and illegitimacy, has urged USAID and NED funded local NGOs to demand the expulsion of Venezuela from the OAS. Such organizations did not have the courage to repudiate the April 2002 coup and are yet to condemn any of the outrages of fascism. Obviously, it is a coarse game widely known in the Organization where everybody knows who is who. There are no surprises.

Mr. Chairman of the Permanent Council,

Distinguished Permanent Representatives.

Never before in the history of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, have the people been so determined to defend its rights. We exercise them fully. We have a say in public decisions, and in the same way, we have duties and responsibilities to discharge, among others, the defense of our sovereignty, and the freely-elected Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros; our democracy, our political model which, by the way, is an imperative in the Charter of this organization.

We invite you to not let them mislead you. We invite you to continue supporting the National Dialogue because doing otherwise would not be forgiven by the brotherly peoples you represent in that honorable Permanent Council.


The undersigned’s

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