45 Venezuelan Preschoolers Evacuated After Opposition Attack

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the building

Opposition leaders have encouraged “resistence” that has resulted in some 80 deaths and over 1000 injured.

At least 900 workers and 45 children were evacuated after opposition protesters attacked the Ministry of Housing in the upper-class district of Chacao, in the state of Miranda, housing minister Manuel Quevedo said Monday on Twitter.

In a phone interview with state channel VTV, the state official blamed Chacao’s Mayor Ramon Muchacho for “providing protection to the terrorist groups that carried out the attack.”

He also criticized the “inaction” of Venezuela’s Attorney General’s office in “15 attacks against the housing social program,” accusing the country’s top lawyer of backing right-wing supporters by affording them “impunity.”

Last Thursday, Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz filed an appeal to the Supreme Court after it upheld a decision to maintain the National Constituent Assembly called by President Nicolas Maduro to rewrite the Constitution.

Ortega called on the judges to halt the National Constituent Assembly, deepening tensions between her office and the Maduro government.

However, on Monday, the controversial official requested the removal of 13 magistrates and 20 substitutes from the Supreme Court, claiming that the judges represented “an obstacle to peace in the country,” because the “conditions of their appointment lacked legitimacy.”

Members of Maduro’s PSUV party have accused Ortega of acting with bias, while opposition figures have recently been lauding the actions of the attorney general.

From TeleSUR English