The National Constituent Assembly will consolidate the achievements of the revolution

Daniel Gasparri Rey
Daniel Gasparri Rey

By Daniel Gasparri Rey

After 18 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, it is clear that great progress that has been made in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres. It is evident that sectors which had historically been excluded in the Homeland of Bolivar are now protagonists of their own social demands.

In this context it would be unfair to object to the dignity that citizens have been given and their right to a better standard of living, evidence of which can be found in the empowerment and attention they have received during all these years through the Social Missions, which have focused on inclusion in subjects like ​​education, food, health, housing, just to name a few.

In light of this, and with his visionary spirit, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro Moros, has convened a National Constituent Assembly (ANC), which will not only wisely and fairly allow us to include all the socialist missions promoted by the Bolivarian Revolution in the Constitution, but will also, as in any society that is subject to changes over time, allow us to perfect our constitution and with that continue along the path of development in peace and with the active presence of the Venezuelan People. It is necessary to take advantage of this new instrument to advance towards greater social and legal justice.

Five and forty five women and men, from all sectors of the community, invested by the original and plenipotentiary power of the People, will have the historical mission of taking the qualitative leap that will allow us to consolidate and deepen the progress that we have achieved through our social policies, so that the Venezuelan people continue to climb the scale of human dignity.

This is why we have great expectations for July 30, a historic day in which all popular forces that support the legacy of President Hugo Chavez will joyfully, peacefully and with revolutionary consciousness come out to renew the basis of the transformation that will allow us to continue building a splendid and glorious future, which translates into making more Revolution and giving more power to the People.

I have no doubt that once again this slow and difficult process of transformation will continue consolidating itself. The people are certain that this is the best and only option.

Daniel Gasparri Rey is Charge d’Affaires and Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Australia