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No to far-right violence and provocations in Venezuela! End the media war on the Bolivarian revolution!

February 13th, 2014
Statement by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network

The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network condemns the recent violent actions instigated by far-right sections of the opposition in various cities across Venezuela.

The first opposition-led protests were initiated on February 4th in the city of San Cristóbal, in the western state of Tachira, when two students were arrested for alleged breach of the peace during a demonstration. The students were released the following day.

Join the 2014 Australian solidarity tour to Venezuela: December 2 - 13, 2014

Registrations are now open for the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s next solidarity tour to revolutionary Venezuela.

The tour, to run from Tuesday December 2nd to Saturday December 13th (inclusive) - will be a unique an opportunity to observe first-hand, learn about and be inspired by a grassroots movement that is transforming not only Venezuela, but all of Latin America, and is challenging the greed and destructiveness of global capitalism by showing that a better world is possible.

Report on 2013 solidarity delegation to Venezuela

By Federico Fuentes, brigade organizer

The 2013 delegation was the 14th brigade to Venezuela organised by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network AVSN. Importantly, it was the first following Chavez’s death in March 2013, and coincided with both the municipal elections and the unleashing of a range of new economic measures undertaken by the government as part of beating back the opposition’s “economic war” against the revolution.

Venezuelan Embassy warning about the media campaign to not recognise the results of the April 14 presidential elections

Statement by Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Australia

In order to advise, truthfully, the reality of what occurred in Venezuela after presidential elections held on 14 April, in which the president Nicolás Maduro won with 50.78% of votes, and to avoid any more “media misunderstandings” that are the result of the non-recognition of the results by the former candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, a loser in this electoral process, this Embassy responsibly seeks to inform that:

Venezuela: International solidarity needed as US-backed right wing spreads chaos

Friday, April 19, 2013
By Ryan Mallett-Outtrim, Merida, Venezuela

As the Venezuelan opposition is emboldened by chaos on the streets, reactionary propaganda on the private airwaves that still dominate Venezuela's media landscape and firm support from Washington, now is the time for the international left to galvanise support for the Bolivarian revolution.

The Venezuelan people have spoken: Nicolas Maduro is president

End the opposition violence! Respect the democratic process!
No US-backed intervention in Venezuela!

April 17, 2013
Statement from the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network

The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network joins with all those voices for democracy and peace to call for an immediate end to the opposition-initiated violence now occurring in Venezuela.

Viva Chavez – Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution:
Viva Chavez – Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Not since the murder of Ernesto Che Guevara has the death of a revolutionary fighter had such an impact on the world. Hugo Chavez, who has been at the head of the Bolivarian revolution since 1998, elected five times by the people of Venezuela as its President, is an example of what is needed to combat the brutality of capitalism.

Hasta siempre Chavez! The revolution must continue

Jorge Jorquera
Socialist Alternative

Revolutionary movements invariably produce great leaders. The name Hugo Chavez stands among these.

Hugo Chavez Frias – visionary, fighter, Companero

Statement from the Socialist Alliance

The Socialist Alliance in Australia expresses its deepest sympathies with the people and government of Venezuela on the death of Companero Hugo Chavez Frias on March 5. His passing is a huge loss for all peoples, across Latin America and the globe, struggling for a world free of inequality, exploitation and oppression.

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