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Venezuelan Civil Society Groups Accuse U.S. of Fomenting Destabilization

Thursday, May 31, 2007 By: Chris Carlson - Venezuelanalysis.com

Chavez Dismisses International Disapproval of Venezuela’s Media Policy

Monday, Jun 04, 2007 By: Gregory Wilpert – Venezuelanalysis.com

Hundreds of thousands of supporters of Chavez demonstrate in favor of the government's decision to not renew RCTV's broadcast license.

Leading voices in Britain call for respect for Venezuelan government's RCTV decision.

Prominent figures including Members of Parliament, Nobel Prize for literature winner Harold Pinter, film-maker John Pilger and Tony Benn have called for support for the Venezuelan government's decision not to renew the licence of the RCTV television station. Academics, trade unionists and student leaders also backed the call.

RCTV license non-renewal – the will of the people

Dear friends,

You will no doubt be seeing media headlines “Venezuelan troops take TV equipment” and worse, circulating the world, many referring to “international criticism of [President Hugo Chavez’s] decision not to renew RCTV’s license and to replace Venezuela's most-watched channel with a state-backed network that will promote the values of his (sic) self-styled socialist revolution".

Social Organisations Resoundly Reject U.S. Interference in Venezuela

With a communiqué signed by more than six hundred Venezuelan social organizations and a press conference, the sound rejection of the interference of the government of the United States in Venezuela affairs was made clear. At the same time it gave unanimous backing to the decision to the government of President Chávez not to renew the concession to the coup-supporting channel, RCTV.

The following is the unabridged document of the organizations:




30/05/07. Organizaciones sociales rechazan contundentemente injerencia de EE.UU en Venezuela

Con un comunicado firmado por más de seiscientas organizaciones sociales de Venezuela y una rueda de prensa se dejó sentado el rechazo contundente a la injerencia del gobierno de los Estados Unidos en los asuntos de Venezuela. Asi mismo se dio el respaldo unánime a la decisión del Gobierno del Presidente Chávez de no renovar la concesión al canal golpista RCTV.

A continuación el texto integro de las organizaciones:



¡Venezuela needs your support!

The Venezuelan state has made a sovereign, legal and legitimate decision not to renew the broadcasting licence of RCTV in order to create more democratic media networks in Venezuela. This decision is in accordance with Venezuelan regulations and adheres to international law. This decision is in no way an extraordinary measure, throughout the world there have been over 600 media licences that have not been renewed for reasons of public interest.

Venezuela: The case of RCTV and freedom of speech

25 May 2007. Stuart Munckton from Greenleft Weekly

May 27 will be end of the 20-year concession granted by the Venezuelan government to the RCTV corporation — owned by multi-millionaire Marcel Granier — to use the state-owned Channel 2 broadcasting signal. The Venezuelan government has announced that the channel will become a public station, similar to a number of stations in Europe, based on programs made by independent producers

Communal power versus capitalism in Venezuela

25 May 2007. Stuart Munckton from Greenleft Weekly

Led by the country’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan revolution is sending shockwaves through the corporate elite both within Venezuela and internationally. The Venezuelan people are waging a struggle to gain sovereignty over the country’s natural resources in order to rebuild the nation along pro-people lines.

Revolutionary change is truly sweeping across Venezuela - May Day Brigade participant's account

Revolutionary change is truly sweeping across this country and flowing over to many parts of the continent. We are witnessing a profound and massive social, economic, and political transformation, unprecedented in recent South American history. The Venezuelan revolutionary process is democratically unfolding itself before our eyes and the pace of change is staggering. A new social order and human experience in the making, referred to as ¨Socialism of the 21 Century¨.

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