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Venezuela seizes foreign oil fields

· Workers jubilant at nationalisation of reserves
· Chavez pulls country out of World Bank and IMF
Larry Elliott, economics editor. Wednesday May 2, 2007. The Guardian

Thousands of Venezualan workers took control of foreign-owned oil fields yesterday as Hugo Chávez stepped up his battle with Washington in a new wave of nationalisation and an announcement that the country was leaving the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Oil Companies Give Venezuela Control

Thursday, Apr 26, 2007 By: Natalie Obiko Pearson - AP

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Four major oil companies on Wednesday agreed to cede control of Venezuela's last remaining privately run oil projects to President Hugo Chavez's government, but ConocoPhillips resisted, prompting warnings that its fields could be taken over outright.

Building Popular Power in the Venezuelan Town of Carora

Thursday, Apr 26, 2007. By: Jay Hartling

Poll: Chavez Approval 65%, Despite 70% Rejection of TV Channel’s Non-Renewal

Thursday, Apr 26, 2007. By: Gregory Wilpert – Venezuelanalysis.com

Caracas, April 25, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)— President Chavez’s performance in office continues to be viewed positively by nearly two-thirds of the population, despite a 70% rejection of the non-renewal of the TV broadcast license of RCTV, according to the Venezuelan polling firm Datanalisis. Also, a new Latinobarometro poll finds that Latin Americans view Venezuela as the friendliest country in the Americas.

Venezuela’s revolution accelerates

19 April 2007. By Federico Fuentes, Caracas. Green Left Weekly

Returning once again to Venezuela — having last spent four months here in 2005 — I recalled a refrain that had been constantly repeated by Venezuelans: “After we re-elect Chavez in 2006, the real revolution will begin.” It took very little time for me to realise exactly what they meant.

Formation of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Moves Forward

Saturday, Apr 21, 2007 By: Chris Carlson - Venezuelanalysis.com

Merida, April 20, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)-- Venezuela President Hugo Chávez took another step on Thursday in the formation of the Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). The President presided over the swearing in of thousands of new "promoters" of the party at an event in Caracas. During his speech, Chávez called out to two pro-Chávez governors who oppose the PSUV to join the opposition, and called on voters in their states to revoke their mandates.

The 47-Hour Coup That Changed Everything

An Account of April 11-13, 2002, in Venezuela

For the fifth anniversary of the defeat of the April 11-13 coup attempt, the most complete account—in English—of what happened and an examination of the most pressing questions around the events of those days.
By: Gregory Wilpert – Venezuelanalysis.com Published: 13/04/07

Impoverished and oppressed look to Venezuela

12 April 2007. Stuart Munckton from Green Left Weekly

“How did it happen that the President of Venezuela reached out to help the poor and the indigenous people of the United States?”, Tim Giago asked in a March 19 Indianz.com article. He was referring to the provision of cheap heating oil to the US poor, including a number of Native American tribes, by the government of Venezuela’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela: Coalmines on indigenous lands stopped

12 April 2007. Stuart Munckton - Green Left Weekly

An April 4 Survival International article reported that a decree by Venezuela’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez, had banned the planned construction of new coalmines on the land of the Wayuu, Yukpa and Bari indigenous people in the state of Zulia, which is governed by a leader of the pro-capitalist opposition.

A view from Venezuela:a national coordinator of the UNT union federation writes

Orlando Chirino, a national coordinator of the UNT union federation and a leader of its C-Cura ‘classist’ tendency, writes

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