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Venezuelan Television Workers to Propose Management Plan for RCTV’s Airwaves

Wednesday, Jan 24, 2007
By: Liza Figueroa-Clark – Venezuelanalysis.com

Caracas, January 24, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)— Marcela Máspero, a National Coordinator for the pro-government union federation UNT (National Worker’s Union), announced yesterday that workers of the private opposition-aligned Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV) station were working on a proposal to manage the station themselves, before the channel’s concession to broadcast on public airwaves expires in May.

Venezuelan Unemployment Drops to Lowest Rate in Chavez’s Presidency

Thursday, Jan 25, 2007
By: Venezuelanalysis.com

Caracas, January 25, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)— Venezuela’s National Statistics Institute released its unemployment data yesterday, saying that unemployment had dropped to 8.4% in December 2006, which is 0.5% lower than the same month in 2005. Also, the quality of jobs improved, in that formal sector employment rose from 52.0% to 55.5% in the same time period. This means that 364,589 new jobs were created in 2006 for a total of 11.3 million employed in Venezuela.

Venezuela - an ecologically sustainable revolution?

26 January 2007. By Zoe Kenny

At a meeting in Brazil on April 26, 2006, plans moved ahead between Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil for a major transcontinental oil pipeline. The pipeline would be 10,000 kilometres long and would link the four countries plus Paraguay and Uruguay.

Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez said the pipeline would be integral to economically integrating South America and strengthening it against US imperialism, and was essential in “the fight against poverty and exclusion”.

Chavez to be invited to Australia

26 January 2007. By Duncan Meerding

Whether you admire him or hate him, Venezuela’s recently re-elected president, Hugo Chavez, is starting to attract a lot of attention in Australia, and around the world. The man who calls US President George Bush “the devil”, and the “new socialism for the 21st century” that he and his government are creating in Venezuela, are stirring hope in the hearts of many people — and fear in a few.

Venezuela spreads international solidarity

25 January 2007. By Stuart Munckton

“In my country, a surgery like that costs [US]$8,000”, said Roberto Andrade from El Salvador about the operation he received in Cuba that removed cataracts from both his eyes, completely free of charge, according to a January 10 Miami Herald article. “I make $12 a day. I would never, ever, be able to save that much.”

Pioneering the new socialism of the 21st century

25 January 2007. By Federico Fuentes

On January 8, Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez swore in his new cabinet, including five new members, calling upon them to take an oath that they would “never rest arm or soul in the construction of the Venezuelan path towards socialism”. One the ministers sworn in was Hector Navarro, previously higher education minister and now Venezuela’s minister of science and technology.

Media Release: Chavez is welcome here!

Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network

Chavez is welcome here!
Greg Barns invited to meet Venezuelan Charge D'Affairs

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has been invited to visit Australia this year by the Australian-Venezuela Solidarity Network. The organization has been circulating a petition to gather names in support of the visit, which was attacked by Greg Barns in Monday’s edition of the Mercury as ‘pompous’ and ‘nauseating’.

To read the Hobart Mercury Article

SMH: Viva Chavez: Venezuela is the hip new socialist utopia

January 20, 2007

Leftists are flocking to see a country being transformed, writes Rory Carroll in Caracas

TO SCEPTICS, they are naive Westerners who would not recognise
communist tyranny if it expropriated their sandals.

"Malodorous, left-wing, US and European peace creeps armed with Mom's credit card and brand new Birkenstocks," sneered the American Thinker, a right-wing magazine.

Oliver Ressler, Austrian artist & co-director of 5 Factories - Worker Control in Venezuela, visits Melbourne

Oliver Ressler, Austrian artist and co-director (with Dario Azzellini) of 5 Factories - Worker Control in Venezuela, will be in Australia in January. Come to a special Melbourne screening of his film followed by a discussion with the artist.

Melbourne Thursday Jan 25th, 7pm Trades Hall Council.
Entry is free but donations are welcomed to Venezuela solidarity groups who will be present on the night.

Endorsed by: Bolivarian Circle, LASNET and AVSN in conjunction with "If You See Something Say Something"

For further information contact Jorge Jorquera:
Email jorge@directaction.org.au

Rank-and-file committees to be building blocks for new organization

By John Riddell

When supporters of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez rallied in the Teresa Carrena theatre in Caracas to celebrate their presidential election victory December 15, 2007, "there were cheers in the back half of the theatre," writes Michael Lebowitz, "but few in the high-priced seats."

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