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Impoverished and oppressed look to Venezuela

12 April 2007. Stuart Munckton from Green Left Weekly

“How did it happen that the President of Venezuela reached out to help the poor and the indigenous people of the United States?”, Tim Giago asked in a March 19 Indianz.com article. He was referring to the provision of cheap heating oil to the US poor, including a number of Native American tribes, by the government of Venezuela’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela: Coalmines on indigenous lands stopped

12 April 2007. Stuart Munckton - Green Left Weekly

An April 4 Survival International article reported that a decree by Venezuela’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez, had banned the planned construction of new coalmines on the land of the Wayuu, Yukpa and Bari indigenous people in the state of Zulia, which is governed by a leader of the pro-capitalist opposition.

A view from Venezuela:a national coordinator of the UNT union federation writes

Orlando Chirino, a national coordinator of the UNT union federation and a leader of its C-Cura ‘classist’ tendency, writes

Amy Goodman and Bernardo Alvarez - Democracy Now!


AMY GOODMAN: Five years ago this week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was temporarily ousted in a short-lived coup. The date was April 11 and 12, 2002.

The leader of the coup was a business executive named Pedro Carmona. Carmona quickly received the support of the Bush administration, as well as much of the corporate press in the United States. After the coup, the New York Times proclaimed in an editorial, “Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would-be dictator.”

UK Green appaulds Bolivarian Revolution

The Principal Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales argues that capitalism is ecologically unsustainable and that Venezuela’s green policies should be applauded.
Derek Wall - UK Green Party principal speaker
“One car each? Our planet won't stand that - that model of capitalism, extreme individualism and consumerist egotism. The destructive so-called developmentalism destroying the planet is, quite frankly, a thing of stupidity — una cosa de tontos.” -President Hugo Chavez

William Izarra to attend international solidarity forum in Australia

Mark October 11-14 in your calendar now to make sure you get along to the most important gathering in Australia this year for all those who oppose neo-liberalism and imperialism, and support people’s struggles for justice and a better world.

Chavez prohibits coal mines in inidigenous territories

Letter from the AVSN to President Chavez

Sr. Hugo Chavez, Presidente
Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Palacio de Miraflores
Final Avenida Urdaneta, Esq. de Bolero
Caracas 1010, Venezuela
FAX: +58-212-806-8210

Ing. Yubiri Ortega de Carrizalez
Ministerio del Ambiente
Centro Simon Bolivar, Torre Sur, Piso 25 El Silencio, Caracas, Venezuela
FAX: +58 212 408 1024

Dear President Chavez,

Our sincere thanks and congratulations for your decision to prohibit new coalmines and the expansion of existing coalmines in the Indigenous territories of the Sierra de Perija.

Venezuela replaces 45 million light bulbs

31 March 2007. According to Prensa Latina on March 24, Venezuela has replaced some 45 million incandescent light bulbs with white light thrifty bulbs, benefiting more than 4 million households. The move is part of an energy saving program, the Energy Revolution Mission. More than 3000 activists have been involved in carrying out the bub changes, and are aiming to replace about 54 million in total. The mission is also expanding renewable energy sources such as solar and wind and beginning to replace petrol with gas to supply cars.

Venezuela: Chavez launches campaign to form party

29 March 2007. Chris Carlson, Merida

In front of more than 2000 “promoters” for the Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on March 24, President Hugo Chavez called for all the political parties that support him to unite behind the new party. These “promoters” will carry out the first stage in the formation of a united pro-government party by the end of the year. Chavez emphasised that a united party is vital for the success of the Bolivarian revolutionary process.

Activists Ask Bono to Help Shoot Down Video Game About Venezuela

Sunday, Mar 25, 2007. By: Khristopher Flack - Boston Globe

Bono has developed a reputation as a rock star with a conscience. The leader of the band U2 has cofounded two lobbying groups that raise awareness about Africa's afflictions, created a fair-trade clothing company, and brokered a deal with several major American companies to donate millions of dollars to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. But now he is caught up in a controversy over one of his own ventures.

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