Invitation to organizations to affiliate to the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network


Venezuelan revolutionaries to address solidarity forum

by Lisa Macdonald

Hundreds of social movement activists, trade unionists, students, Indigenous people, environmentalists and other progressive people will be gathering in Melbourne in mid-October to hear the most impressive line-up of international guest speakers to meet in Australia for many years.

President Chavez Announces “Socialist Cities” and Constitutional Reforms

By: Chris Carlson - Venezuelanalysis.com

Mérida, July 23, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)— President Hugo Chavez made several new announcements during the inauguration of the first "socialist city" near Caracas during his Sunday TV program Aló Presidente, including a proposed constitutional reform that would allow for indefinite reelection of the president, as well as the regulation of the high salaries of some state employees.

Chavez Proposes Changes to Venezuela’s Constitution to Pave Way for Socialism

Friday, Aug 17, 2007. By: Kiraz Janicke – Venezuelanalysis.com

On August 15, the third anniversary of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s victory in the recall referendum of 2004, and the 202nd anniversary of Venezuelan independence hero Simon Bolivar’s famous oath of Monte Sacro, where he swore not to rest “until the chains of oppression are lifted from my people,” tens of thousands of Venezuelans turned out to an extraordinary session of National Assembly to hear the president’s proposed constitutional reform.

Cuba Pays for Some Oil in Services

Associated Press 08.02.07,

CARACAS, Venezuela - Cuba pays for most of its Venezuelan oil with social services rendered by specialists from doctors to sports trainers, the island's ambassador to Venezuela said.
"More than 50 percent of the bill is paid in this manner," Ambassador German Sanchez Otero told Dow Jones Newswires Thursday on the sidelines of a Latin American social forum.

Actor Sean Penn visits Chavez

Penn joins Chavez Bush blast, Article from: The Associated Press. August 03, 2007 12:00am

SEAN Penn applauded Hugo Chavez as the Venezuelan president lambasted the Bush administration and demanded an end to the war in Iraq.

Chavez met privately with Penn for two hours today and later praised him as "brave" for standing up to the White House and calling for US President George W Bush to be impeached.

RCTV was never closed as claimed

Venezuela's RCTV Reappears on Cable and Satellite. Thursday, Jul 12, 2007

By: Chris Carlson - Venezuelanalysis.com

Mérida, July 12, 2007 (Venezuelanalysis.com)— Private television channel RCTV will be back on Venezuelan TV screens as of next Monday, via cable and satellite, RCTV General Director Marcel Granier announced at a press conference yesterday.

Venezuelan Labor Leaders Call for Union Federation Elections

Mérida, July 19, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)

Various leaders of Venezuela's primary pro-government labor union, the National Workers Union of Venezuela (UNT), called on all sectors of the organization to join together and hold elections later this year. At a press conference on Tuesday, labor leaders Marcela Máspero and Orlando Chirino invited all sectors of the UNT to a general meeting on July 26th to organize general elections and, in that way, unite the principal labor union of the country that has remained divided in recent years.

Venezuela's president inaugurates refinery in Nicaragua

The Associated Press, Friday, July 20, 2007

MANAGUA, Nicaragua: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday inaugurated a 150,000-barrel- a-day refinery the nation is building in Nicaragua as part of the leftist leader's oil-funded battle against U.S. influence in the region.

Chavez said the US$2.5 billion (€1.9 billion) refinery will allow Nicaragua — the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere — to earn US$700 million (€507 million) annually.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Threatens to Nationalize Hospitals to Reduce Costs

Tuesday, July 03, 2007. from Fox News

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday his government will nationalize Venezuela's privately owned hospitals and clinics if they fail to reduce health care costs.
"If the owners of the private clinics don't want to obey the laws, then the private clinics will be nationalized," Chavez said in a nationally televised speech. "They will become part of the public health service."

Venezuela has a two-tiered health system in which wealthier, insured patients often can afford prompter, better treatment at private hospitals.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Accuses Departing U.S. Ambassador of Destabilization

By: Chris Carlson - Venezuelanalysis.com. Sat July 7

Mérida, July 7, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)— Venezuela's Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, speaking at Venezuela's Independence Day celebrations yesterday, accused the outgoing U.S. ambassador of carrying out a "destabilizing" mission in Venezuela. Also, responding to recent comments from Peru's prime minister, Maduro demanded that Peru stop "attacking ALBA," Venezuela's regional integration plan, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas.

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