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Venezuela’s Co-Managed Inveval: Surviving in a Sea of Capitalism

Friday, Jul 27, 2007. By: Kiraz Janicke – Venezuelanalysis.com

Real rights and recognition replace racism in Venezuela

13 July 2007. Lauren Carroll Harris

Like the rest of Latin America, Venezuela’s history is scarred by colonialism’s racist legacy — Venezuela’s people were dispossessed in 1520 following Spanish settlement. In the following centuries, they were systematically killed and their land exploited. Slavery, which allowed the colonisers to plunder Venezuela, existed until 1854, and at the time of the 1830 constitution neither indigenous people nor those descended from Africa were recognised as Venezuelans.

"Venezuela concerns the future of all of us"

Interview of Vanessa Stojilkovic about her new film "Brussels - Caracas" BY MICHEL COLLON

Why was it important to make a movie about Venezuela?

Vanessa: Because extraordinary things are taking place there. All those visiting this country are thrilled to bits. In Europe, by contrast, we are confronted by pessimism and fatalism in the vein of "We cannot change anything". We see poverty gaining ground. Few victories.

Caribbean pirates of a different hue

21 June 2007 By Jeff Richards

Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope. By Tariq Ali. Verso Books, 2006. 244 pages, $49.95 (hb)

Tariq Ali is an icon of the radical left — writer, film producer and member of the editorial board of the flagship journal New Left Review. His most recent writings have focused on imperial power plays in Iraq and South Asia (Clash of Fundamentalisms; Bush in Babylon; Rough Music; Empire and Resistance). Pirates of the Caribbean shifts continents and takes the reader to Latin America.

Reporters without integrity

22 June 2007. By Lauren Carroll Harrisfrom Greenleft Weekly

Socialists debate Venezuela's revolution

22 June 2007. By Stuart Munckton from Greenleft Weekly

Socialist Worker (SW-NZ), an organisation of revolutionary socialists in New Zealand, has sparked a new round of debate among socialists internationally over how to understand and relate to the socialist revolution in Venezuela, led by the government of President Hugo Chavez. On May 1 SW-NZ issued a statement arguing the Venezuela’s revolution is of “epochal significance”.

The rising of Latin America - the genesis of 'The War On Democracy'

13 Jun 2007

In the 1960s, when I first went to Latin America, I travelled up the cone of the continent from Chile across the Altiplano to Peru, mostly in rickety buses and single-carriage trains. It was an experience my memory stored for life, especially the spectacle of the movement of people.

The Battle Over the Media is About Race as Well as Class

Friday, Jun 08, 2007 By: Richard Gott - The Guardian

Venezuela: US fears spread of Chavez example

7 June 2007. by Federico Fuentes from Greenleft Weekly

Under the banner of “For freedom of speech and against imperialism”, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas on June 2 in defence of their revolution, and as a direct response to the domestic and international campaign being whipped up by Washington in the wake of the non-renewal of Radio Caracas TV’s (RCTV) broadcasting concession, dwarfing all of the opposition marches that had occurred in preceding days.

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