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Chavez: Venezuelan opposition 'aggression against the people'

By Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter

CARACAS, VENEZUELA - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez described the program of the opposition presidential candidate Henriques Capriles Radonski, running for the right-wing Roundtable for Unity (MUD) coalition, as "an aggression against the Venezuelan people," the September 3 Diario Vea reported. Chavez has launched a "crusade" against the opposition program in the lead-up to the October 7 presidential elections.

The Revolution Will Not Be Decreed: An interview with Gonzalo Gómez

By Gonzalo Gomez, Jeffery Webber and Susan Spronk
Aug 19th 2012

In Caracas, we caught up with Gonzalo Gómez, a founder of the radical website aporrea.org and militant in the Trotskyist organization, Marea Socialista. In this interview, Gonzalo describes his own path to militancy, the different phases of the Bolivarian process, and the dangers of bureaucracy, the “boli-bourgeoisie,” and the stultifying internal life of the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV). He also stresses the centrality of the creativity and dynamism of social movements from below, the complexities of workers’ control, and the dynamics of the current conjuncture prior to the October 7, 2012 general elections.

Term limits, democracy and the February 15 referendum

On February 15, an amendment to Venezuela’s constitution will be voted on that proposes to remove limits on the number of times an elected official can stand for election to a public office. If passed, it would allow President Hugo Chavez to stand in the presidential elections in 2012.

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition misleadingly characterises the proposed reform as “indefinite re-election”, implying that the vote is about whether or not to make Chavez “president for life”.


During 10 years of revolution, the Bolivarian Government has been breaking free from paradigms, beating obstacles, exceeding all expectations, facing empires, revolutionizing consciousness, beating foreign and internal propaganda, and even more, defending, as the engine and fuel of the revolutionary project, the deep conviction that the human being is the center and principle of the society.

The facts about the list of ‘banned candidates’ in Venezuela

Prepared by Francisco Domínguez (Member of Executive Committee, Venezuela Information Centre)

$300 Million from Venezuela to Colombian Rebels a Fake

March 8th 2008, by Greg Palast - OurFuture.org

Do you believe this?

This past weekend, Colombia invaded Ecuador, killed a guerrilla chief in the jungle, opened his laptop – and what did the Colombians find? A message to Hugo Chavez that he’s sent the FARC guerrillas $300 million – which they’re using to obtain uranium to make a dirty bomb!

That’s what George Bush tells us. And he got that from his buddy, the strange right-wing President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe.

REMEMBERING THE CARACAZCO 27 FEB 1989 - and it's international significance...


19 years ago, on February 27th 1989, a spontaneous uprising on the streets of Venezuela as a direct result of IMF polices was violently repressed. In what became known as the Caracazo, thousands were murdered by the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez. To commemorate this crucial event in the history of the Bolivarian Revolution, here we re-publish the following article, originally available on CounterPunch this time last year.
The Fourth World War Started in Venezuela
By George Ciccariello-Maher

Venezuela: Danger signs for the revolution

Kiraz Janicke & Federico Fuentes, Caracas. 22 February 2008

In recent weeks, external and internal pressure against Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution, as the process of change led by socialist President Hugo Chavez is known — has intensified dramatically.

It is clear that US imperialism and the US-backed Venezuelan opposition see the defeat of Chavez’s proposed constitutional reforms on December 2 as a green light to push forward their plans to destablise the government.

Venezuelans speak: Revolution changing people’s lives

Stuart Munckton & Tamara Pearson. 16 February 2008

The moves by US oil giant Exxon-Mobil to freeze more than US$12 billion in assets in Britain, the Netherlands, the Dutch Antilles and the United States belonging to Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA is just the latest in a long line of attacks led by the US government on the government of President Hugo Chavez — which is seeking to construct a “socialism of the 21st Century”.

Venezuela: Socialists discuss struggle for revolutionary party

Federico Fuentes, Caracas. 15 February 2008

Since January 12, more than 1600 delegates to the founding congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) — along with thousands of local socialist battalions (branches — have been discussing the new party’s program, principles and statutes, and in large part the future of the Bolivarian revolution.

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