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Viva Venezuela! New Documentary Released

Carolus Wimmer speaking in Australia

Carolus Wimmer is a widely respected Venezuelan political scientist, educator and writer, lecturer and columnist nationally and internationally. He has been a long-term member of the Communist Party of Venezuela

Elected to the Latin American Parliament in 2005 he served as Vice-President from 2008 to 2011.

This video is from his talk in Perth hosted by the Communist Party of Australia.

Green Left TV: http://www.GreenLeftTV.org.au

Venezuelan National Day celebrated in Sydney

On July the Venezuelan Embassy in Australia together with solidarity activists celebrated Venezuela's National Day of Independence. They where joined by a visiting Venezuelan folkloric group `Compases de Integracion'.

Revolutionary Doctors: An Interview With Steve Brouwer

May 22nd 2012, by NACLA, Steve Brouwer

1 de mayo 2012 Marcha de los trabajadores en Venezuela Vive TV

¡Tremenda marcha, compadre!
Caracas, 01 May. AVN.- El presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, saludó la marcha de los trabajadores que se realizó este martes desde distintos puntos de la ciudad capital para celebrar el Día Internacional del Trabajador y la promulgación de la Ley Orgánica del Trabajo para los Trabajadores y Trabajadoras (LOTTT).

Patriotas. Área 23

Videoclip que reconstruye la historia del Golpe de Estado del 11 de abril y la Rebelión Popular del 13 de abril de 2002 en Venezuela. Por 48 horas se estableció una dictadura que suprimió todos los poderes democráticos. Millones de personas de las zonas populares se unieron a los militares leales y consiguieron revertir la dictadura más breve de la historia. A diez años de esa gesta presentamos este video con objeto de mantener la memoria viva.

Chasing Chavez: Preview of a new film on Venezuela by Australia-based film makers

Chasing Chavez: Preview of a new film on Venezuela by Brisbane-based filmmakers

Interview - Caracas on the Line - US declares economic warfare against Venezuela

3.9Mb. 64kbps mono 9 mins.

Kiraz Janicke in a phone interview from Caracas has the details of the attempts by the US based multinational corporate giant Exxon, to lock up US$12 billion worth of Venezuela's assets in a specious legal claim for a few hundred million dollars, against Venezuela's State owned oil company. In retaliation, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is threatening to cut off oil supplies to the US - over ten percent of its intake.

Dec 07 - Brigade particants interviewed

John Riddell and Susan Weiss - Canadians in Venezuela

AUDIO: LatinRadical

Canadian couple John Riddell and Susan Weiss talk to Latin Radical about their experience on the Australian Venezuela solidarity brigade. Not only were they witnesses to the recent plebiscite, but they were able to observe the workings of the "Community Councils" which the Chavez government is trying to empower. People are encouraged to work together at a community level and given the means to circumvent entrenched bureaucracies.

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